My main focus is on helping you use your computer without fear, adjusting your machine to make it easier to use, and help you learn how to do the things that you want to be able to on your system.

The computer may need "cleaning up"

I normally check to make sure your computer hasn't been taken over by malicious software due to an unfortunate email or a visit to a web site that's been compromised. I use several free tools to clean off spyware, viruses and other malicious beasties, and recommend and install preventative measures to keep the computer from getting messed up again.

I research commercial products as well and can recommend several alternative Security (Firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware) packages to keep your system protected. I have tools to cleanup unneeded windows "junk", stop pop-ups, reduce SPAM and prevent viruses and spyware (malicious programs) from latching onto your system.

I have a list of products that we use when we work on your machine that are safe and effective. There are so many fraudulent programs out there on the web that AREN'T safe and in fact are viruses or carry spyware themselves.

What would happen if your computer crashed and lost everything?

I can help you backup important information onto an external hard drive, a flash (usb) drive, CDs, DVDS, another computer or to a secure Online Backup service such as Mozy or Carbonite. We can make it as simple or as automatic as you need.

What are you needing to do with your computer?

There may be basic activities that you don't know how to do but want to. This could include sending emails, making word processing documents, creating business cards, changing a spreadsheet, scanning reference material or pictures, printing out emails, sending pictures to others in email, etc.

What additional things would you LIKE do with your computer but you don't have everything you need. This could include;
  • getting wireless equipment installed in your home
  • setting up a scanner for pictures and receipts
  • researching and getting a digital camera and learning how to use it
  • learning how to get your photos into your computer and finding software to fix photo glitches,
  • putting the pictures up on a website
  • creating a CD or DVD of pictures or music or data backup
  • researching and buying a PDA or IPOD and learning how to hook it to your computer
  • helping you get your music setup in the machine
  • helping you computerize your genealogy
  • setting up an IPhone or other Smart phone that can access the Internet and get email
  • and much more.
Is your computer old and sluggish?

If your system is a dinosaur, I can help you figure out what you need, whether it's a netbook, desktop or a laptop, Windows 7 or an Apple computer. I can help you find the best price and where it's available, and then help transfer your files from the old machine to the new one, set it up on the Internet and get your Email running right.

Need a refresher?

Sometime you need help getting backup up to speed on things you used in the past but which have become a little hazy. Or you may have a newer version of a program that you are having to use and don't know where to start. You may be moving from a PC to a Mac, or migrating from Windows Vista to Windows 7, or your office is installing the newest Office and you need to get familar with it FAST. I can help smooth the bumps out of your way!

I have 20+ years of experience with home and small business computers, and enjoy working "one-on-one" with customers, and have been told I'm very patient (I have learned a lot from my 4 kids and many friends, customers and co-workers). I don't mind going back over things to help something "click" into place. I like trying to find "real world" examples instead of resorting to technical jargon to explain concepts and work through issues.

Need a website design or web presence?

I have setup websites for several individuals, and have a talented son who is a website designer in Austin TX. We can give you references if you want us to help you setup a personal or business website.