Do you need computer help?

Is spam overflowing your mailbox? Do you worry about viruses bringing in objectionable pictures and popups? Is spyware slowing your machine down to a crawl? Are you bombarded by false antivirus and antispyware displays and warnings?

Do you want to learn how to use your computer the way YOU want to use it?

I come to your place and help you, patiently and at your own pace, to learn to use Windows or a Mac to do the things YOU enjoy.

I can show you how to use a digital camera and put the pictures in your computer, how to email pictures, put them on a free website, edit out red-eye, etc.

I can help you with an IPOD purchase and setup, help you load on your own music and audiobook CD's and set up playlists. I can help you setup your IPhone to get your email automatically and use the various IPhone applications.

I can help you learn to do email, internet, online research and games, and so much more. We work together at your pace, practicing what you need practice on.

Call today! I can give you references of other clients who've come to enjoy their computers instead of dreading them.