Do you need computer help?

Is your computer giving you error messages about missing passwords or outdated programs? Are you getting scary popups and ads that take over your web browsing? Are you worried about losing pictures or important documents if your computer crashes? Is your computer running so slow it’s unusable? Are you having trouble keeping up with so many passwords?

Do you want to learn how to use your computer the way YOU want to use it?

I come to your place and help you, patiently and at your own pace, to learn to use your Windows or a Mac to do the things YOU enjoy and need to do.

I can show you how to bring in pictures from a phone or digital camera, make changes and share them. I can help you put your music on your computer like a "jukebox" or listen to music from the internet. I can help you with organizing your email and documents, using a printer/scanner to save your receipts and photos, backing up your information both locally and "in the cloud".

I can also help you with using a smart phone (Android or iPhone) or tablet (Android tablet or iPad) to get your email, browse the web, and find other apps for relaxation or productivity. If you want to know more about social networking and how to use it (Facebook, Twitter, and others), I can help setup an account and get you started.

Keeping Safe on the Internet

I can help you with protecting your computer and other devices and avoid the spams and scams and malicious websites. I can help you use social media safely.

Call today! I can give you references of other clients who've come to enjoy their computers instead of dreading them.