I consult with and work with several associates, including Dave DeVore, otherwise known as Mr. PC, David Beam of Austin's NCS, and David Keeton of Keeton of Keeton Hosting, and others. These have their own businesses similar to mine that include supporting small businesses, non-profits and many individual customers. I also know several local computer and device repair shops that we trust.

When there are jobs that need more than one person, we combine our efforts and skills to get the job done. When one of us is unavailable, one of the others can step in to get you back up and going sooner. Each of us has a wide range of experience and have our own specialties as well. We each have some unique approaches which differentiate us from the competition.

Your information is important. Unlike many of the "big service guys", I make sure I backup your important data before doing any major work on your system. I come to your home in most cases. In some circumstances, I may need to take your computer to my place to do the work in a more cost-effective manner, where I have equipment designed to back up your data efficiently and where I have additional tools and resources to help solve the problems.

I try to keep current with the latest technologies and share new technical information with my associates, so I can be ready to help you with your new purchases and applications.

I travel to your home or business, throughout the Austin area. If you are outside of the immediate Austin area, I may add a small travel charge to cover the extra gas expense.

I can also offer optional support via a secure remote-control system. I only use it at your request and explicit permission.



 I encourage backup to either a local external hard drive AND/OR online backup using encrypted branded/safe products that support "versioning" or going back to an older version of a file. These systems also retain deleted files for up to a month on the online backup servers.