My name is Pat Scott, and I live in Austin, Texas. I’m otherwise known as "The MamaNerd" a computer tech. Austin has been my home since 1971. I worked for more than 28 years with a state agency, in many facets of Information technology, including technical support for the various networks and desktop computers in employees offices.

After I retired from the State, I worked for a while with a local computer service company, and found I enjoyed working with senior citizens and families a great deal. I enjoy being a bridge between individuals and technology, translating the "technospeak" into real life examples. I am continually trying out new technologies and applications, including an IPhone, and ITouch/IPOD and a Garmin GPS unit.

My kids have always told me lovingly that I was a real "Nerd", thus the name. I have been told I'm very patient: I have learned a lot from my 4 kids and all my friends and clients! I don't mind going back over things to help something "click" into place.

I like teaching through "real world" examples instead of resorting to technical jargon to explain new concepts and work through technical issues.

I love meeting and getting to work with new people! All of my clients comes through personal contacts, referrals from friends, "word of mouth" referrals through existing clients, and from working with my friends and business associates, Dave Devore and Dave Beam. Recently we have added to our "technical consortium" two other fine and knowledgeable fellows, David Keeton and Steve Terry.

I don't advertise.

To keep up with various social networking and communication tools, I have a blog where I jot down tech topics as I work on them; this may or may not have items which are helpful to you.

I have a "Twitter" feed where I jot down "not so techie" notes as they occur during the week.

I have a Facebook presence where I share with friends and family, just to keep up with this social networking phenomenon.

I am part of the LINKED-IN business community ( for more professional "networking" relationships.